Do you want to become a crochet tester?

Please read through entire post before sending a filled out version of the tester application.


  • Must be able to spot grammatical/mathematical errors.
  • Needs experience with crocheting amigurumi. 
  • Familiar with reading crochet patterns and terms used.
  • Able to have open communication via Instagram messenger.
  • Must finish testing pattern in required time frame given.
  • Must be able to share photos of your process/finished product on social media.
  • Willing to buy yarn/stash dive to complete project.
  • Must send a summarized message with feedback, constructive criticism and errors found.

Testers will receive and PDF of pattern, in exchange for testing. Testers will also receive the finished PDF pattern.

Crochet Tester Application

{Copy application, click “send application” button below, paste and fill out accordingly}

  1. Name 
  2. Instagram handle
  3. How long have you been crocheting?
  4. Have you been a tester before? If so, for who? If you have not been a tester, that is okay! We all have to start somewhere! Just let me know your experience.
  5. Do you always follow recommended hook size, or do you like to differ?
  6. Which crochet designers are you most inspired by?
  7. What is the crochet project that you are most proud of?
  8. Please specify which pattern you are applying for. If you are applying for any/all future patterns, I like that too!

If you would like to include a snippet about yourself, please feel free! 

Please fill out all answers to the best of your ability. I will read and review your application and reach out to you as I make my way through them! Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application and being willing to help in my creative process!

As always… happy crocheting, friends!

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