Top Five Favorites!

No…there are no brown paper packages tied up with string…but these are a few of my favorite things!

Susan Bates 5-inch Weaving Needle

Say hello to my little friend, Susan.

Are you ready for your sewing game to change for the better? I swear by this needle. This is my number one asked about tool, my ride or die as I call her. Susan, you make one hellova weaving needle! Don’t be fooled by other brands, I have tried them all. This one is the best! I literally have dozens of these.

Clover Amour Crochet Hook Set

These bad boys right here changed my life! I used to get so much hand pain when I first started crocheting. I tried a bunch of different brands before finally settling on Clover Amour. Everything about them slices through the yarn like buttah!!
10/10 recommend.

T Pins

These T Pins are a must-have for proper amigurumi sewing! They offer a firmer hold than regular ball point pins. They help you stabilize your pieces while you sew and ensure that perfect seam every time!

Crochet Thread

When I started using crochet thread, instead of regular yarn to embroider the eyes on my amigurumi, it elevated my work so much more! This crochet thread won’t pill like regular yarn, ensuring your embroidery work will last the life of your item.


Ahh, the quintessential filler. The cloud. The fluff.

I used to use “Fiber Fill” before I discover Poly-fil, and I am so glad I switched. Poly-fil helps the project stay squishy, while also helping to maintain its shape!

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