Free Coloring Pages

Free Printable Walter T. Rex Coloring Page

If your kiddos love dinosaurs, and coloring as much as mine do, then you definitely need this simple coloring page!!

I was playing around on my IPad and made this coloring page for Hans, my 5 year old. He loved it so much and went through probably a dozen copies today. It made my Mama heart very happy. Of course I had to keep and document the very first page he colored. (Saving this one forever!)

There are many more where this came from. So, if your sweet babe loves to color, keep an eye out for these fun and simple coloring pages!

(Hint – they will all be of my own crochet designs.)

Please don’t forget to share your kiddos coloring pages with me! I would love to see them!

Happy creating, my friends!


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